COGIC Convocation, St. Louis MO, Nov. 4-12, 2014

Exhibiting in St. Louis with Praise Signal

It was our 4th consecutive trip to the “Gateway to the West” otherwise known as St. Louis, MO. Just look at the view from our room, just across the Mississippi River in Illinois. It was incredible!

We made our 14 hour trek each way to be exhibitors for COGIC’s Holy Convocation. This years assembly brought an estimated 35,000 to the Edward Jones Dome, and or banners graced the interior of that as a converted sanctuary. It was a wonderful time of fellowship as we met many for the first time, and greeted returning members with joy. What a blessing to be in the midst of what God is doing within an entire denomination. It was sincerely a delight to be a part of it. God is alive and moving everywhere and we must be alert to what a unique role each of us walks out as He is lifted higher, and His Kingdom is expanding!

In 3 words, what were we doing in St. Louis?

Advancing the Kingdom!

God bless each of you!

Hotel View of St. Louis

Exhibiting in St. Lois with Worship Fan

Holy Convocation Flyer


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