Is information collected when I visit your web site?

The Banners Of Worship Privacy Statement - Banners Of Worship is committed to respecting our customer's privacy. This means we will protect your privacy by only asking for information necessary to process your order. We will not share any of your information with any individual outside our company without your consent. For more information on our commitment to privacy, click here.

How are my orders shipped, and what are your shipping rates?

Banners Of Worship uses UPS Ground for all deliveries except PO Boxes and orders outside the Continental U.S. Shipping fees are based on the total weight of your order. We will always email you and inform you of any charges before shipping and before charging your card.

What is the returns policy?

Our policy is that all sales are final. If there is any issue with the quality or durability of an item, we will promptly respond to your concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Banners of Worship at 703-455-2784 or e-mail us at

What is the warranty on the products purchased from Banners Of Worship?

There is currently no warranty available for your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Banners Of Worship at 703-455-2784 or e-mail us at

Will my banner look exactly like the picture?

All banner dimensions are approximate and we reserve the right to substitute trims according to availability, but your banner will look very much like the picture.

What do the different colors of the banners mean?

We use over 40 different colors in our products and there is a meaning for each and every one of them. Download the Symbolism of Colors sheet to learn more!

Are my transactions handled in a secure method?

Yes, we use only the strongest SSL encryption available to protect your private information. No chances are taken with our customer's information.

Do you have a question?

Contact us about any of our products or services!