Manifest and Transform – February 2016


Beginning with the advent of 2016, the key words seem to be “Manifest”, and “Transformation”. I agree with what Keith Duncan of Throne Zone and His Call Ministries fame, who recently wrote; “we have more Worship than we have ever experienced within the church, and yet we have the least amount of Transformation than ever.” This should not be. When we truly experience time in God’s presence, it should change us. We need this. Our nation needs this.

God is wanting to manifest Himself, in waves of His infinite Glory, and it’s just like Joel 2:28 says: “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh”. As His Spirit intersects with our mortal flesh, there is change that must take place. Our weaknesses give way to His strength, and the world should begin to see the outward transformation revealed in our lives. We are the army of the Lord, and as we move in tandem with Him, He will empower us to be carriers of His glory, for all the world to witness. God will truly manifest His glory through us, and our churches in this season. This will bring about the Transformation that everyone has been longing to see: Our transformation into His image and likeness. It has been so lacking in both individuals and churches. Thankfully, that is about to change! I believe that as we seek God with our whole heart, and purpose to spend more time transparently in His presence, He will begin what we are unable to do without His intervention. When we have the heart of John the Baptist, who boldly stated: “He must increase, and I must decrease” (John 3:30), that’s an attitude that God can work with to bring the change to us as individuals and our nation as a whole. It’s not too late for America! God is great at doing things that seem impossible!


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