Last night I had a dream. In the dream a woman told me that she saw me writing. This is something that I have never saw myself doing before. So as I write this testimony I am stretching myself out of my comfort zone. This has been something God has done in my life often. I call it growing pains for Jesus. He has often used flags, banners, and shofars to stretch me. This is where my testimony of being set free begins. One Sunday morning while worshipping with my eyes closed, trying so hard to draw close to The Lord, a lady came and put a flag into my hand. I found myself moving away from my seat, my comfort zone, and down the isle to the front of the church. Whacking the wall several times didn’t deter me from what or where the Holy Spirit was leading me. Caring what others thought that day was not apart of my thinking. My hearts desire was to seek God and find Him. Nothing less would do. As I came to the front of the church briefly paused and began going up the center isle. This is where God brought me to my knees. Something happened at this place, in this position that changed my entire walk with The Lord. Tongues poured from me like a flood. It was as if a dam had been broken within me. God had freed me that day of more than I realized at that moment in time. It was the beginning of a freedom to worship The Lord that I had never knew existed. The use of flags only flamed my hunger to worship Him. I knew there was even more yet to be discovered. Next God moved me to experience worship with banners. The fellowship we were apart of had banners on the wall. They looked nice but I never understood that they had a purpose. Then one Sunday the same lady who put the flag in my hand came up to my husband and asked him to help her take one of the banners off the wall. She asked if I would help. Feeling a little awkward again I pressed through my comfort zone. My husband and the lady began walking down the isle with the banner and I grabbed a large crown that was sitting on a table close by. Again God shook my world bringing me to my knees as the banner was carried to the front of the church. It was not by knowledge that I was discovering and receiving more of God. While actively worshipping Him I was experiencing Him and His presence. In doing this God was changing me, freeing me and leading me on a journey that I could have never imagined from my carnal thinking. This journey is one that I am still on today. Along the way God has used me as He used the lady that put the flag in my hand at the beginning. The ministry of the creating flags, banners, shofar’s, etc is very much needed in the Body of Christ. It is important that The Christ within each of us is freed to be go, do and be what only He can do through us. May God bless your ministry richly above and beyond anything you could imagine.

Tammi Abernethy
High Shoals, NC