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Shift, shift, shift!

We are in a season of shifting!

Shifting is defined as a change from one place, position or frequency to another. To replace or exchange something. By its very meaning, it stirs us to alter where we are. We seek to ascend. To move up higher. Closer to our creator. Closer to our eternal home. Closer to the birthplace of our life journey. The place where God breathed into us life, and birthed in us destinies to be discovered. And then we arrive like strangers in a foreign land – each seeking to leave our unique carving on the tree of life, and better society for all mankind.

Often we find ourselves at a disadvantage. However, as we seek a closer walk with our eldest brother, the Holy Spirit whispers truth into our hearts and we are emboldened to step out in faith, anxious to do our parts to facilitate this change, and we realize we are in just such a shifting moment. Again.

Joshua is an excellent example, and one we can glean much from studying. As Moses minister, he was privy to all the special companionship that Moses enjoyed with God. Then, Moses’ life becomes history, and someone is required to lead this mass of wayward vagabonds. Joshua recognizes that it’s time for him to shift, and gingerly steps up to the plate, armed with Gods promise of victory in his conquests. Battle by battle, the Israelites gain lands and fame, until finally all of the promised Canaan land is secured and divided between the twelve tribes. Joshua reflects a long and successful reign in leadership, confident in the ability of the God of Israel, and demonstrating his submission to Gods headship. The result is the God of Israel is revered by not only the tribes, but every surrounding nation of the time. Joshua’s life shines out as a brilliant example of what God is able to accomplish through one willing servant.

And now we fast forward to current times. Troubles and problems seem to escalate, true peace is illusive, challenges abound and the future is very uncertain. And we must ask the Holy Spirit, “What is it that You would have me do?” Then listen carefully, and do all God is revealing to you. If we each are faithful to do that, our future will be breathtaking, our lives will be examples, and we will see the Kingdom of God advancing like Joshua’s warriors over Canaan. One thing they didn’t battle was fear, because they knew the Holy One, and trusted in Him. Let’s learn the lesson, and follow Joshua’s example, and boldly go out and win the lost. The shift is not for us alone, but for every life we are able to touch!

Let God Arise! And our enemies be scattered!

Onward to Victory! Keep gaining ground!

If God is for us, who can stand against us? No one! So be fearless!

God Bless you!

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