What Needs Resurrecting in Your Life?

What Needs Ressurection in Your Life imageWe live in such a busy world.  Everything is moving at high-tech speeds.  There’s never enough time in the day to get all your tasks completed.  Not enough money to attain all your desires.  There are problems all around the globe – especially here in the US. – health care, border patrol, employment issues, nuclear threats, world chaos.  We’re living life in the fast lane, and spinning out of control.  But before we slide too far into the negative arena, let’s remember to take the time to look up!  Remember, “Our redemption draws nigh” according to Luke 21:28.  It’s at precisely this time that we need to keep our focus on the One who “Holds the keys”.  When we take the time to acknowledge the Giver of our lives and seek Him for the answers to the difficult questions that plague us, we find Him waiting with open arms to comfort and direct us.

So now is the time to remember the One who first Resurrected.  He rose from death to give us life!  He can resurrect your dormant dreams, turn your challenges into testimonies and your dismal failings into triumphant victories.  He has conquered every situation that disturbs our peace and promises to be with us always.  He’s by our side, and let’s not forget when we don’t see Him and can’t feel Him, He’s the One who is carrying us!  So carry your challenges to His feet, and leave them there!  He will make your life a shining example of His grace for all to see!

This season, let those difficult troubles fall behind you.  We sit far above, in heavenly places, where nothing can by any means hurt you! God bless you this month, and always!



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